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2021-09-26 08:20:58 SunSirs
From September 20 to 24, the domestic PTA market fluctuated upward. The average spot market price was 5141 yuan/ton, a weekly increase of 4.02% and
2021-09-24 08:24:08 SunSirs
On September 23, the domestic PTA current price rose slightly, the spot market average price was 4966 yuan/ton, a single day increase of 1.08%, an
2021-09-15 08:07:43 SunSirs
On September 14, the current price of PTA in China rebounded slightly. The average spot market price was 4890 yuan/ton, a single-day increase of 1.51%,
2021-09-09 08:29:18 SunSirs
On September 8th, the domestic PTA current price continued to weaken sharply. The average spot market price was 4756 yuan/ton, a single-day drop of 2.93%
2021-09-03 08:20:03 SunSirs
On September 2nd, the domestic PTA current price continued to weaken slightly. The average spot market price was 4821 yuan/ton, a single-day drop of 1.83%
2021-08-30 08:50:23 SunSirs
The domestic PTA spot market stopped falling and stabilized, showing a slight upward trend last week. As of August 27, the average market price was
2021-08-23 08:40:19 SunSirs
On August 20, the domestic price of polyester staple fiber was 7,206 yuan, down 1.26% from last week. Futures market: On August 20, the PF2109 contract
2021-08-17 08:24:34 SunSirs
As of August 16, the average domestic PTA market price was 5,212 yuan/ton, down 2.22% from the previous day and up 43.59% year-on-year. The main
2021-08-10 08:10:06 SunSirs
  The decline in crude oil is combined with the expectation that downstream polyester plants will increase production reductions, and the current price of PTA has
2021-07-30 10:31:10 SunSirs
On July 29, domestic PTA futures broke the 5,500 yuan mark, setting a new high since late July 2019. The main force 2109 closed at
2021-07-28 08:16:30 SunSirs
On July 27, the average PTA spot market price was 5384 yuan/ton, an increase of 0.10% from the previous day. The main futures contract PTA2109
2021-07-23 08:50:36 SunSirs
The domestic futures market opened on July 22, and the main PTA futures contract had a strong daily limit at 5330 yuan/ton, an increase of
2021-07-22 08:15:07 SunSirs
Affected by the heavy drop in international oil prices, resulting in the collapse of the cost-side support, the current price of PTA dropped significantly yesterday
2021-07-08 08:14:16 SunSirs
Oil prices hit the biggest drop since the end of May. Brent prices dropped from a high of 77.84 to a low of 74.13, a
2021-06-30 08:21:37 SunSirs
On June 29, most of the energy and chemical products in the domestic commodity futures market fell. Among them, the main PTA futures 2109 closed
2021-06-28 08:32:24 SunSirs
On June 25, domestic commodity futures rose in a large area, with energy and chemical products leading the rise, PTA, asphalt, and soda ash leading
2021-06-17 08:59:14 SunSirs
On June 16, the domestic futures market closed markedly, and most energy and chemical products rose. PTA rose by more than 3%, styrene and fuel
2021-05-27 10:24:05 SunSirs
On May 26, the domestic current price of PTA strengthened slightly. The average spot market price was 4703 yuan/ton, a single-day drop of 0.39%, and
2021-04-08 08:39:50 SunSirs
PTA spot market prices fluctuated and rebounded. As of April 7, the average spot market price was 4,513 yuan/ton, up 1.28% from the previous trading
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