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2023-03-07 09:47:36 SunSirs
Price trend On the 6th, the focus of the MIBK market in East China continued to fall, with the overall tank car outbound reference of
2023-02-16 10:13:31 SunSirs
Price trend On February 15, the focus of MIBK market in East China fell, and the overall reference price was 20,200-20,800 RMB/ton. Analysis review It was difficult to
2023-02-03 14:02:20 SunSirs
Price trend In February, the MIBK market entered high filling, and the market prices were uneven. The negotiated price range at the beginning of the
2023-01-18 10:56:41 SunSirs
Price trend Analysis review As the Spring Festival approaching, the MIBK market was sorted out at a high level and the market transaction was limited. The
2023-01-12 10:43:51 SunSirs
Price trend After the New Year's Day, the domestic MIBK market continued to rise. As of January 9, the negotiated price of the market rose
2023-01-11 13:36:48
In December 2022, the domestic output was 7,300 tons, a decrease of 0,800 tons from the previous month. In December, three sets of equipment were
2023-01-05 10:53:32 SunSirs
Price trend The domestic MIBK market continued to rise, and the negotiation range rose to 16,300-16,800 RMB/ton. According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, the
2023-01-04 11:24:53 SunSirs
Price trend In 2022, the MIBK market fluctuated in a narrow range to the beginning of the second quarter. The epidemic broke out in many
2022-12-28 12:38:20
The domestic mibk market rose broadly. The overall market negotiation was at 15400 RMB/ton, which was mainly supported by the tight supply side. The industry's
2022-12-02 14:06:53 SunSirs
Price trend The MIBK market ran smoothly in the first ten days of November. After the middle of the month, MIBK rose sharply due to
2022-11-23 09:23:47
MIBK industrial grade; purity %≥: 99.5; Trader/Distributor Brand/Origin Place of delivery Latest price Nanjing Runsheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Domestic & imported Jiangsu/Nanjing 13,000 RMB/ton Shandong Yushuo Chemical Co., Ltd. Domestic Shandong /Jinan 11,700 RMB/ton Jinan Aochen Chemical Co., Ltd.  Domestic Shandong  12,100 RMB/ton Jinan
2022-10-20 09:08:09 SunSirs
Price trend On the 18th, affected by the rise of raw material acetone again, MIBK market pushed up, and the overall negotiated price range was
2022-10-10 10:42:23 SunSirs
Price trend The domestic MIBK market rose slightly, which was mainly supported by the overall rise of acetone at the raw material end after the
2022-09-21 10:14:33 SunSirs
Price trend On the 20th, the domestic MIBK market rose slightly, mainly due to the support of continuous upward acetone at the raw material end.
2022-09-15 10:36:36 SunSirs
Price trend On the second day after returning to the market after the holiday, the domestic MIBK market pushed up slightly. The overall negotiation range
2022-08-02 15:03:16 SunSirs
Price trend At the beginning of the month, the information on the market was very limited. The domestic MIBK market was adjusted and operated in
2022-07-28 10:58:58 SunSirs
Price trend On the 28th, the domestic MIBK market is organizing, and the trading on the market is flat. Analysis review At present, the operating rate of
2022-07-20 15:30:31 SunSirs
Price trend On July 20, the domestic MIBK market fell in a wide range, and the negotiated reference price fell to 10,100-10,300 RMB/ton. Analysis review On the
2022-07-14 11:05:05 SunSirs
Price trend The domestic MIBK market operated in a range and continued to be in a downturn. The overall change was limited. The raw material
2022-07-11 16:02:27 SunSirs
Price trend This week, the focus of domestic MIBK market discussions declined, and it continued to be in a downturn with limited overall changes. As
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