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Futures Price: Weekly (Unit:RMB)
China Commodity Futures Dominant Contract Price Chart - 24st week(6.10-6.14)
It was assessed by SunSirs that in the tracked China Commodity Futures Dominant Contract, commodities increased in prices, fell and remained unchanged on 24st week6.10-6.14. .
Commodity Sectors Change
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The spot price determines the futures price, which in turn affects the spot one. Spot price is the most important reference of the futures price, a derivative. According to modern futures price theory, basis = commodity spot price - futures price. If the spot price and basis are known, it is not difficult to predict the futures price.
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China Commodity Futures Dominant Contract Price Chart shows price information of more than 20 futures basing on three key China futures indexes. It is helpful for our visitors to make trade and business decisions. This price chart is daily updated at 16:30 GMT+8.
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