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Color coated sheet News
SunSirs: The Price of Color-coated Sheet Ran Smoothly on December 9
December 10 2019 15:45:30SunSirs(John)

Price trend

On December 9, the price of national color coated steel coil was stable compared with that of last Friday. The average market price of 0.5 * 1,200 * C hot-dip galvanized color coated steel plate of Shanghai BaoGang was about 6,766.66 RMB/ton, which was 0.98% lower than that of December 1, about 67 RMB/ton.


In terms of supply, as of December 6, the weekly output of color coated steel plant was 172,400 tons, an increase of 0.12% compared with the previous week's ring ratio, and the total social inventory of color coated steel coil was 129,700 tons, a decrease of 5800 tons compared with the previous week's ring ratio; In terms of demand, the weather turned cold, the construction site was shut down, and the downstream demand was weak; In terms of futures, black series futures rose strongly as a whole today, and hot coil futures' main contracts rose at a high level, closing at 3,677 RMB/ton, 1.6% higher than the settlement price of the previous working day, rose 58 RMB/ton, hot coil prices rose, and color coating cost support strengthened; In terms of the market, the price of the nationwide color coating market is temporarily stable. At this stage, the dealer's inventory is at a relatively low level. Some specifications of color coating plates and rolls are out of stock. The merchant's mentality is cautious, and the intention of replenishment is not strong. Most of them are based on the stable price and wait-and-see. The overall transaction performance of the market is common.


On the whole, it is expected that the color coated plate market will move weakly in the short term.


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