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Sanchi News
2024-06-12 15:42:28 SunSirs
On June 6th, the Chinese herbal medicine index was 2,098 points, a decrease of 10 points from yesterday, a decrease of 25.02% from the highest
2024-03-04 15:16:18
Today's market is in Wenshan City, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The price of Panax notoginseng is 150 RMB/kg, with a stable
2023-12-28 14:51:23 SunSirs
According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Shengyishe, the overall market of Sanqi in 2023 has rebounded due to factors such as funds, hoarding,
2023-10-23 10:18:39
Local Sanchii is in the middle stage of new production, and new products are being processed and listed one after another. The transaction price for
2023-07-13 13:48:09 SunSirs
On July 9th, the Chinese herbal medicine index was 2,709 points, unchanged from yesterday, a decrease of 1.53% from the cycle's highest point of 2,751
2023-06-26 14:23:51 SunSirs
On June 18th, the Chinese herbal medicine index stood at 2,737 points, unchanged from yesterday and reaching a new historical high in the cycle, up
2023-06-08 10:53:11 SunSirs
According to past practices, the weather in June turned hot, and the Chinese herbal medicine market entered the off-season. The trading of goods slowed down,
2023-06-07 11:05:00 SunSirs
On June 6th, the commodity price index (BPI) stood at 911 points, unchanged from yesterday, a 32.17% decrease from the highest point of 1343 points
2023-05-31 10:51:33
The price of Sanchi has generally risen and fallen in most of the medicinal materials in the market, and the low price has attracted the
2023-04-28 14:01:47
Sanchi, the lotus pond market has been relatively smooth in recent futures, and the terminal procurement is active, driving the market price to rise. Among
2023-04-07 09:18:19
In the early stage of Sanchi the market rose steadily with the active participation of merchants. Recently, the supply of goods has slowed down, and
2023-03-14 10:23:52
After the price of Panax notoginseng in Wenshan City, Yunnan Province has fallen back in recent years, the number of sellers who have pressed goods
2022-11-10 14:12:34 SunSirs
On November 6, the index of traditional Chinese medicine was 1,486, unchanged from the previous day, 1.65% lower than the highest point of 1,511 (2022-10-20)
2022-11-03 09:56:07
Panax notoginseng(Sanchi): In Denggao market, there is a lot of traffic, the listing volume is about 100 tons, and new products account for 90%. The
2022-05-24 10:49:11
According to the price monitoring of the SunSirs, in the 20th week of 2022 (5.16-5.20), there were 2 kinds of commodities rising, 3 kinds of
2022-04-14 08:39:41
The supply of Sanchi is sufficient and the market performance is poor. According to the price monitoring of the business agency, there are many businesses
2022-03-23 09:10:55
The Chinese herbal medicine index rose by 25.56% from the lowest point of 1390-970 in May 2019, which was the highest point in May 2019,
2022-01-14 08:35:51 SunSirs
1. Price Trend Affected by the end of the year, merchants paid less attention than the previous period, and the market was weak. At present, the
2021-12-20 08:34:45 SunSirs
On December 18, the Chinese Medicinal Materials Index was 1362 points, a record high in the cycle, an increase of 39.69% from the lowest point
2021-11-08 08:31:49 SunSirs
The Chinese herbal medicine index on November 6 was 1334 points, a record high in the cycle, an increase of 36.82% from the lowest point
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