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SunSirs: Summary of Iron Ore Hot Spots on February 23
February 24 2023 10:25:49()

According to the statisticians of the SunSirs, the release of steel demand in the later stage is gradually strengthened, the profits of steel mills are expected to improve after the rise of steel prices, and the replenishment operation will continue, which will be superimposed on the cyclical fluctuations of overseas shipments this week, and the iron ore supply and demand fundamentals may turn into a positive situation in the short term. The low iron ore inventory of steel mills will support the iron ore price to continue to rise after the steel mills resume production, the release of demand for replenishment and the repair of market risk appetite.

However, there are two risks in the short term. First, the release of downstream steel demand is relatively delayed. If the finished product demand is less than expected, the iron ore market may fluctuate, especially the fall of steel mill profits, which will impose certain restrictions on the iron ore price; Second, the continuously rising spot price is easy to attract the attention of macro-level supervision. It is expected that iron ore will rise first and then fall in the short term, fluctuate and stabilize operation, and in the medium and long term, it will rise first and then stabilize operation. In the later stage, it will pay attention to the profit of steel mills and the actual downstream demand of finished products.

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