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vitamin A vitamin C vitamin E News
SunSirs: The Vitamin Market Maintained a Stable Operation This Week (April 8-12)
April 15 2024 15:41:51SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to monitoring data from SunSirs, the vitamin market remained stable this week, with a decent market atmosphere and average overall market performance.

Analysis review

According to price monitoring by SunSirs, the vitamin C market has remained stable this week, with mainstream quotes for feed grade vitamin C ranging from 25 to 28 RMB/kg. The vitamin C market was operating strongly, with downstream procurement on demand and upstream suspension of quoting, resulting in average overall market trading.

This week, the price of vitamin A remained stable, with the mainstream price of feed grade vitamin A in the market being 87-90 RMB/kg, and the European market quoting 19-21 euros/kg. It is reported that BASF's German factory planed to undergo maintenance for two months starting from the end of March. Market attention had increased, inquiries were active, and actual transactions were limited.

This week, the price of vitamin E remained stable, with the current mainstream VE market quotation ranging from 66 to 70 RMB/kg. The European market quotation was 7-7.4 euros per kilogram. There had been an increase in on-site inquiries, but the actual increase in market transactions was limited. The transaction atmosphere had improved, and traders were actively pushing up their prices.

Market outlook

SunSirs’ Vitamin Analyst believes that the market news was full of positive news, with slow demand follow-up and a weakening market atmosphere. It is expected that the vitamin market will consolidate in the short term, and close attention will be paid to enterprise production, sales, and market trends in the future.

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