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SunSirs: China's Rapeseed Prices are Strong in September

October 12 2020 08:19:47     SunSirs (Linda)

1. Rapeseed market price trend

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the average domestic rapeseed price at the beginning of this month was 5,580 yuan/ton, and the price at the end of the month was 5,600 yuan/ton. The price rose by 0.36%.

2. Market Analysis

The price of domestic net rapeseed in Henan is about 2.85 yuan/kg; the price of domestic net rapeseed in Hubei is about 2.9 yuan/kg; the price of Anhui is about 2.75-2.8 yuan/kg; Jiangsu is about 2.75-2.78 yuan/kg; Xinjiang is 2.6 -Around 2.75 yuan/jin. The downstream demand is better, and domestic rapeseed prices are on the rise.

In terms of domestic rapeseed, since southern rapeseed was launched, small workshops have been more enthusiastic about squeezing new-season rapeseed. At present, northern rapeseed is already on the market, and the price is relatively high. Most rapeseeds in the north hold a wait-and-see attitude. Regarding imports of rapeseed, customs data show that China's imports of rapeseed in August were 133,618.57 tons, down 54.18% from the previous month and 1.17% from the previous year. China imported 127,028.52 tons of rapeseed from Canada in August, down 34.25% month-on-month and 0.14% year-on-year.

3. Outlook

As the market gradually consumes domestic rapeseed, SunSirs rapeseed analysts predict that rapeseed prices may increase.

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