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Commodity News - PS
  • SunSirs: Stable Price In PS Market

    2019-11-08 15:03:20 SunSirs

    1.Price Trend PS market overall trend is stable, business offers go with the market, calm atmosphere. Small and medium-sized downstream buyers are not willing to receive

  • SunSirs: PS Prices Remained Stable In General And Declined In Part

    2019-11-05 14:01:57 SunSirs

    1.Price Trend PS market quotation remained stable on the whole and declined in some parts. The purchase mode of terminal on demand remains unchanged, the dull

  • SunSirs: PS Market Atmosphere Light Price Down

    2019-10-25 14:37:44 SunSirs

    1.Price Trend PS market atmosphere is light, offer generally fell. Traders mostly focus on the change of cost side, while the poor downstream demand is still

  • SunSirs: PS Market Deserted, Price Fall

    2019-09-26 14:08:31 SunSirs

    1.Price Trend PS market quotations fell slightly, and poor downstream demand is the main factor hindering the overall market climate to improve. Price: GPPS mainstream offer

  • SunSirs: PS Trading Goes to Good Price and Rises Slightly

    2019-09-16 11:32:04 SunSirs

    1.Price Trend PS market quotation is generally stable, a small part of the upward. Traders pay more attention to the change of ex-factory price of petrochemical

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