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SunSirs: Chian White Cardboard and White Board Market are Stable in the short term
August 05 2022 09:56:32SunSirs(Selena)

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the prices of white cardboard and whiteboard were stable this week. On August 5, the average market price of 230g-400g white cardboard was 6,240 RMB/ ton, which remained stable compared with the average price at the beginning of the week (the average market price was 6,240 RMB/ ton on July 31). On August 5, the average market price of 250g white board paper was 4,595.67 RMB/ ton, which remained stable compared with the average price at the beginning of the week (on July 31, the average market price was 4,595.67 RMB/ ton).

According to the observation of market changes, the price of white cardboard this week was temporarily stable. The demand of downstream end-users is still poor, the market performance continues in the off-season, and market transactions are mostly negotiation. The price of upstream wood pulp is still relatively high, making the production cost of white cardboard still high. The market price stability is mainly based on shipment.

The price of whiteboard also returned to a stable level this week. The downstream demand continued to be light, and the terminal placed orders on demand. The contradiction between supply and demand in the market is still relatively prominent. The inventory of some paper mills is still at a high level, and most paper mills are facing the pressure of destocking. The launch of new capacity has led to a sharp increase in the pressure on the supply side of whiteboard. The cost is still high, the profit margin of the paper mill is under pressure, and the quotation of traders is chaotic.

SunSirs paper analysts believe that at present, white cardboard and whiteboard are still in a positive shipping state, and the price fluctuation returns to a stable state. It is expected that the short-term white cardboard and whiteboard prices are mostly stable in China.


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