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SunSirs: Last week, the domestic PET market is dominated by strong operation
May 23 2022 15:09:47()

According to the data monitored by the SunSirs, as of May 19, the price of pet water bottle level has been stable, medium and strong last week. At present, the average price is 9070 RMB/ton, and the overall market is narrow and upward. Compared with the same period last week, the price has increased by 4.01%, or about 300 RMB/ton. The overall market supply and demand is balanced and the logistics shipment is smooth.

This week, the domestic PET price is relatively strong, the price increases slightly, the manufacturers' shipments are positive, the logistics is smooth, the operating rate is normal, and the market transaction atmosphere is general. At present, the overall negotiation atmosphere is OK, the willingness of downstream goods preparation is general, and the cost is lack of support. At present, the mainstream price is 8700 RMB/ton. This week, the price rises slightly, and the strong operation will be maintained in the short term.

As of May 19, the latest p-value price of upstream ethylene glycol on May 19 was 5008.33 RMB/ton, unchanged from the previous trading day. The year-on-year increase was 0.7%, the ethylene glycol operating rate continued to decline slightly, the downstream polyester operating rate was general, and the demand side recovered slowly. At present, the factory still needs to purchase, which has no obvious support for the ethylene glycol market.

Pet analysts of SunSirs believe that the pet market is expected to be stable, medium and strong in the short term.

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