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SunSirs: Cost Boost, Polyester Staple Fiber Futures Prices in Chinese Market Rose and Fell on January 13
January 14 2022 08:43:52SunSirs(Linda)

Spot price: On January 13, the average price of domestic polyester staple fiber spot market quotation was 7268 yuan / ton, an increase of 1.63% over the same period last week and an increase of 14.64% over the same period last year. The firm transaction in East China was around 7,300 yuan/ton.

Futures market: On January 13, the futures price of the main PF contract closed at 7344, up 0.82% from yesterday's settlement price, and the settlement price was 7370; the trading volume was 109034 lots; the open interest was 113656, the open interest increased by 117, and the basis difference was -76. The main futures of domestic polyester staple fiber raw materials all closed up today, with PTA up 0.57% and ethylene glycol up 1.74%.

Analysis: The supply growth was less than expected, and crude oil rose sharply overnight. WTI New York crude oil CFD closed at around 82.6 (as of 16:50). Due to the increase in oil prices, the focus of PTA costs has increased. Affected by the blockade and poor transportation in some areas caused by the domestic epidemic, PTA has been slow to deliver goods, the equipment has been reduced, and the supply has declined. The rise in oil prices also has some support for the cost of ethylene glycol. Recently, several units of ethylene glycol have been shut down for some reason, and the operating rate has declined. The short-term ethylene glycol may fluctuate strongly. The pure polyester yarn market has a good trading atmosphere. Although it is not as good as the trading situation during the New Year's Day, it still achieves destocking and destocking. The price of pure polyester yarn is stable and rising, and the transaction continues to follow up. The impact of the epidemic is superimposed and the Spring Festival is approaching. Recently, some polyester staple fiber factories have plans to reduce the burden, the supply has declined, the downstream operating rate has also declined, and production and sales have declined.

Prediction: From the perspective of the market outlook, the price of polyester staple fiber may fluctuate strongly due to the fluctuation of crude oil and PTA prices in the short term. Pay close attention to price fluctuations on the cost side, changes in the epidemic situation, and production suspension during holidays.

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