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SunSirs: The Prices of Dichloromethane in Shandong Fell Sharply Due to Poor Demand
June 17 2020 10:49:36SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the data monitored by SunSirs, due to the impact of poor demand, the dichloromethane market in Shandong has fallen sharply. As of June 16, the average price in Shandong was about 2,130 RMB/ton, which was reduced by 100 RMB/ton in a single day. Compared with the same period last week, the decline was 4.48%.


Analysis review   

Product: At present, domestic dichloromethane production enterprises have maintained a high level of overall operation, and there is sufficient spot supply in the market, but the downstream market is weak, and the situation of oversupply in the market gradually emerges. In order to prevent the increase of the stock pressure in the future market, the company immediately sells at a profit. The auction sales among enterprises are obvious.

Industrial chain: From the perspective of the industry chain, both the upstream and downstream markets of dichloromethane performed poorly. The methanol market fluctuated downwards, and mainstream manufacturers had strong intentions to push prices, but the market trading atmosphere was light and the buying intentions were flat. At present, the average price in Shandong is about 1,620 RMB/ton. The overall demand for the downstream solvent film pharmaceutical industry is poor, the demand is just insufficient, and the refrigerant market has overcapacity, but the overall construction is not good, and the price has fallen to a new low during the year.

On the other hand, the high price of raw material liquid chlorine has become the only positive factor supporting the price of dichloromethane. At present, domestic liquid chlorine enterprises coexist with inspection and production, and the overall supply is tight. Enterprises have strong intentions to hold prices, currently 800-1,000 RMB/ton.


Market outlook

Analysts of the methane chloride data of SunSirs believe that the current situation of oversupply in the methylene chloride market is intensifying. With the increasing stock pressure of the enterprises, the profit-making sales behavior among the enterprises is obvious, but the firm price of raw material liquid chlorine has caused the enterprises to reduce the quotation space. It is expected that the dichloromethane market will operate weakly in a short period of time, with limited room for downward adjustment.


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