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SunSirs: Raw Material Prices Are Down, and the PAM Market Has Dropped Slightly Recently
December 24 2021 14:01:15SunSirs(John)

Price trend

As shown in the figure, the data monitoring of SunSirs shows that recently (December 20-23), domestic PAM (CPAM, cation, molecular weight 12 million, 10-30 ion degree) market has been adjusted slightly. On the 20th, the mainstream market price was around 17,700 RMB/ton, and on the 23rd, the mainstream price was around 17,342.86 RMB/ton, a drop of 2.02%. Recently, the supply of goods in the market is sufficient, the market demand is general, and the transaction is not very strong.

Analysis review

Since late December, the raw material acrylonitrile market has continued to fluctuate and cut a total of about 300 RMB/ton, and the current mainstream market price is about 14,950 RMB/ton. The market price of acrylic acid fluctuated slightly. On the 20th, the average price of acrylic acid in East China was 13,100 RMB/ton, and on the 23rd, the average market price was 13,166.67 RMB/ton, a slight increase of 0.51%.Recently, the market price of raw material propylene is mainly stable, cost support is limited, downstream on-demand procurement is mainly, and market transactions are mild and orderly. It is expected that in the short term, the acrylic acid market may be stabilized and consolidated.

Market outlook

Regarding the market outlook, the raw material acrylonitrile continues to decline, and the decline has increased; the price of acrylic acid is weakly adjusted upwards, and the market support is unstable; currently, the domestic main production areas are operating normally, the supply of goods is sufficient, and the downstream demand is average. It is predicted that the trend of the PAM market in the future will be mainly due to small and weak fluctuations; if the price of raw materials continues to fall frequently, the PAM market may be lowered.

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