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SunSirs: China PE Prices slightly Increased Last Week
March 25 2024 14:22:24SunSirs(Selena)

According to SunSirs, the domestic price of LLDPE (7042) was 8,202 RMB/ton on March 18, and the average price on March 22 was 8,238 RMB/ton, with a price increase of 0.44% during the period.

According to SunSirs, the domestic price of LDPE (2426H) was 9,257 RMB/ton on March 18th, and the average price on March 22nd was 9,277 RMB/ton, with a 0.22% increase in quotation during this period.

According to SunSirs, the domestic price of HDPE (5000S) was 8,450 RMB/ton on March 18th, and the average price on March 22nd was 8,450 RMB/ton. During this period, the quotation remained stable.

Last week, the price of PE slightly increased. International oil prices rose first and then fell, and the cost side was significantly boosted at the beginning of the week; Some PE companies have maintenance plans, reducing supply side pressure. Downstream plastic enterprises are gradually increasing their production and demand is increasing. Among them, plastic film is in the peak season of demand, and the accumulation of orders is increasing, with positive expectations for demand.

On March 22nd, the PE l2405 contract on the Dalian Commodity Exchange opened at 8,321 RMB and closed at 8,238 RMB, a decrease of 83 RMB, with a maximum of 8,339 RMB and a minimum of 8,218 RMB, a decrease of 1.00%. Last week, the PE futures market was generally strong, and the market weakened near the weekend.

The maintenance of PE equipment may continue to increase, and the supply side is expected to decrease; The demand for plastic film is in its peak season, and it began to weaken in late April. Currently, downstream orders are still in stock; The economic situation is improving, boosting market sentiment, and it is expected that PE will have a narrow and strong trend.


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