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SunSirs: The Natural Rubber Market in Qingdao and Shanghai Area Declined
December 06 2023 10:17:55()

On December 5th, the mainstream natural rubber market in Qingdao area experienced a downturn: the total milk price for 2022 was around 11900-12200 RMB/ton, the 3L rubber price for Vietnam was around 11900-12150 RMB/ton, and the price for Thailand's No. 3 tobacco in 2022 was around 14300 RMB/ton.

On December 5th, the mainstream natural rubber market in Shanghai experienced a downward trend: in 2022, the price of whole milk was around 12000 to 12200 RMB/ton, while in Vietnam, the price of 3L rubber was around 11900 to 12200 RMB/ton. In 2022, the price of No. 3 tobacco in Thailand was around 14200 to 14300 RMB/ton.

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