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SunSirs: Building Material, Wastepaper Corrugated Paper up, expected High Volatility in the Future
December 06 2019 17:28:55SunSirs(Selena)

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs: this week (12.1-12.6), the purchase price of the waste paper market increased in a large area, and the price increased by different ranges from south to north. On December 6, the average purchase price of waste yellow board paper market is 2,125.71 RMB/ton, 2.41% higher than that at the beginning of the week. In December, the corrugated paper began to be affected by the price rise of leading paper companies, and the price is still rising. On December 6, the average ex-factory price of corrugated base paper is 3,423.33 RMB/ton, up 0.49% compared with that at the beginning of the week.

According to the observation of market changes, on December 3, the waste yellow board paper market began to rise from south to north. The large-scale increase in the price was mainly affected by the linkage of corrugated paper price upward. Then on December 4, the 15th batch of waste paper import list was announced and released, with the newly added approved quantity of 10,740 tons. If there is no accident, this batch will be the last batch of imports this year, and the total nuclear quantity of this year is 40.78% lower than that of last year. The reduction of foreign wastepaper will increase the demand of paper mills for national waste. In addition, the Spring Festival comes earlier this year, followed by Christmas, New Year’s Day and year-end promotion activities, and the demand for waste paper of downstream paper mills has greatly increased. Therefore, the price of waste paper has risen sharply at the beginning of this month, and the paper mills fill the warehouse for later production.

In terms of corrugating paper, the paper market has been boiling since the news of price increase in several bases of Jiulong paper industry came out at the end of November. With the overall rise of waste paper price and the leading paper enterprises leading the price rise, a new round of corrugated paper price increase hits, and a large number of small and medium-sized paper mills have followed up. As the end of the year is approaching, holidays arecoming, the demand for corrugated paper is improving, the downstream packaging paper is basically in a positive state of goods preparation, and the stock out of the paper factory is good, so the price of base paper still shows an upward trend.

According to the paper analysts of SunSirs, the sales promotion activities are increasing towards the end of the year, and the paper factory is in a positive state of goods preparation and production. Under the support of downstream demand, it is expected that the price of corrugated paper and waste paper will have little chance of falling back, which may give rise space in a short time, and the future market may be in a high shock.


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