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SunSirs: Rapeseed Meal Prices in China Market Rose on Jan 24
January 25 2022 08:30:28SunSirs(Linda)

The average spot price of rapeseed meal on January 24 was 2994 yuan/ton, and the average spot price of rapeseed meal on January 21 was 2952 yuan/ton, up 1.42%.

The increase in the price of rapeseed is favorable for the increase in the spot price of domestic rapeseed meal. Aquaculture is in the off-season of consumption, and the demand for rapeseed meal is not good. Affected by holiday stocking, demand for rapeseed meal has improved. The tight supply of rapeseed and the high cost of imported rapeseed have boosted the price of rapeseed. It is expected that the price of rapeseed meal may fluctuate weakly, with limited room for growth.

On the 24th, the average domestic spot price of rapeseed oil was 12,786 yuan/ton. The supply of rapeseed in Canada is tight, and the cost support is strong, which supports the spot price of rapeseed oil. At present, the price of rapeseed oil is high, the market demand is general, and the rigid demand is the main. Supported by costs, rapeseed oil may continue to run at a high level. 

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