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SunSirs: Market Source is well Digested, Price of Honeysuckle in the Chinese Market is Firm
November 12 2021 08:00:47SunSirs(Linda)

The current price of honeysuckle is stable, and the price of Hebei honeysuckle is about 145 yuan/kg.

The recent market supply of honeysuckle has been well digested, dealers have higher expectations for the later period, and their reluctance to sell continues to increase, and the market continues to remain strong. The price of honeysuckle in Pingyi County, Linyi City, Shandong Province has recently stabilized. It is now 178 yuan per kilogram for special-grade full inspection, 149 yuan per kilogram for first-level full inspection, 138 yuan per kilogram for second-level full inspection, and 126 yuan per kilogram for third-level full inspection. , Level 4 honeysuckle 110 yuan per kilogram. Market transactions are flat and prices are stable. Winter is coming, the flu is frequent, and there are more fluctuations in the later period, and there are fewer qualified goods. The price of honeysuckle produced in Fengqiu, Henan Province, has rebounded from the previous period. Now the pharmaceutical factory in the producing area is speeding up the movement of goods and the first crop is fully inspected, and the first crop is fully inspected for 160 yuan. The first level costs about 150 yuan, and the second level costs about 140 yuan. Opening spends about 112 yuan.

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