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2022-04-25 09:38:17
Commodity price: according to the data monitoring of SunSirs (100ppi. Com), on April 24, the mainstream quotation of polyacrylamide (CPAM, cation, molecular weight of 12
2022-04-02 11:04:48
On March 31, the polyacrylamide commodity index was 98.55, unchanged from yesterday, down 11.62% from the highest point of 111.51 in the cycle (2021-11-03), and
2022-03-21 09:28:31
According to the data monitoring of SunSirs , the polyacrylamide commodity index on March 19 was 100.20, the same as yesterday, down 10.14% from the
2021-12-24 14:01:15 SunSirs
Price trend As shown in the figure, the data monitoring of SunSirs shows that recently (December 20-23), domestic PAM (CPAM, cation, molecular weight 12 million, 10-30
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