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Iron ore News
2022-11-24 14:57:55
Iron ore (Australia) Variety: PB fine ore; Origin: Australia; Grade: 62%; Trader/Distributor Quotation area Place of delivery Latest price Rizhao Port  Rizhao Port  Shandong /Rizhao 720 RMB/ton Qingdao Port Qingdao Port Shandong /Qingdao 720 RMB/ton Jingtang Por Jingtang Por  Hebei /Tangshan 730 RMB/ton Fangchenggang Fangchenggang Guangxi
2022-11-01 09:28:38
The analysts of the Sunsirs believe that the fundamentals of strong iron ore supply and weak demand are likely to remain in November, and the
2022-03-18 10:36:43
Iron ore: Australia variety: Pb powder;  Origin: Australia;  Grade: 62%; Wet,ton; Dealer Place of delivery Place of origin  Price Rizhao Port Rizhao/Shandong Rizhao Port 950RMB/ton Qingdao Port Qingdao /Shandong Qingdao Port 953RMB/ton Jiangtang Port Tangshan/Hebei Jiangtang Port 965RMB/ton Fangcheng Port Fangcheng/Guanbgxi Fangcheng Port 970RMB/ton Lianyun Port Lianyungang/Jiangsu Lianyun Port 950RMB/ton Tianjin Port Dongli/Tianjin Tianjin Port 948RMB/ton Caofeidian Port Tangshan/Hebei Caofeidian
2021-11-03 14:16:24 SunSirs
On November 2, the latest price of rebar in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai was 5,074.44 RMB/ton, down 1.34% from the previous trading day, up 14.57%
2020-10-10 07:48:05 SunSirs
An inventory of major events in the steel industry in September: September 2, 2020: The new solid waste law was officially implemented September 2, 2020: Hebei
2020-05-29 10:52:11 SunSirs
After the narrow range of shock market in April, the domestic steel market finally ushered in a rebound trend in May, and the market is
2020-05-26 10:09:17 SunSirs
SunSirs steel analyst Hangsheng He believes that in May, driven by the sharp rise in iron ore prices, the domestic steel industry as a whole
2020-05-07 14:05:32 SunSirs
  According to foreign media reports, on Wednesday, Canadian Alderon Iron Ore Company lost its Kami iron ore project due to inability to repay $ 14
2020-04-15 13:59:33 SunSirs
Compared with the sharp decline in February, the wide range of shocks in March, the domestic imported mine prices in April basically showed a stabilizing
2020-04-01 13:38:01 Sunsirs
In March, the black market as a whole was in a weak downward trend. Among them, the raw material iron ore market is dominated by
2020-03-30 11:08:07 SunSirs
Compared to the slow decline in February, the domestic steel industry in March still has an upward momentum under the nation's accelerated resumption of work
2020-03-17 10:31:09 SunSirs
Since March, domestic imported ore prices have maintained a narrow range of fluctuations, showing an overall "electrocardiogram" trend. The main factors that cause this kind
2020-03-09 13:34:19 SunSirs
According to the Australian mining media MING.COM, the "winning alliance" of an enterprise consortium composed of Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group, China Yantai Port Group and
2020-03-06 15:49:31 SunSirs
According to the website, data released by the Australian Geological Survey (GA, GeoscienceAustralia) at the annual meeting of the Prospecting and Developers (PDAC) in
2020-02-24 16:20:46 SunSirs
Future Analysis According to the analysis of the previous two articles, SunSirs analyst He Hangsheng believes that the fundamentals of domestic imported ore from late February
2020-02-24 16:10:02 SunSirs
Influential Factor analysis From the perspective of inventory: As of February 21, the inventory of 45 ports across the country was 1,23,823,200 tons, which was 747,300
2020-02-24 15:29:48 SunSirs
Price trend After the Spring Festival holiday, domestic imported ore prices fell sharply for a week, and then quickly rose back for 10 consecutive days, showing
2020-02-21 13:35:07 SunSirs
1. Foreign media reported on February 19 that Australian FMG mining company stated that iron ore will be shipped normally and the epidemic did not
2020-02-17 08:59:06 SunSirs
On February 11, India ’s GhanashyamMisra & Sons Mining Company successfully retained the mining right of the Gorumahisani iron ore area at a 115% premium
2020-02-14 10:39:52 SunSirs
According to data from the Pilbara Port Authority, the total iron ore exports from Port Hedland in January 2020 were 40.49 million tons, a decrease
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