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SunSirs: Peak Season is Coming, China PA66 Market is Rising High
September 10 2021 16:06:15SunSIrs(Selena)

According to the bulk list data of SunSirs, the domestic PA66 market rose in early September, and the spot prices of various brands increased greatly. As of September 9, the ex-factory price of PA66 adhesive injection molding sample enterprises of business society was about 41,150 RMB/ ton, with a weekly increase of 1.98% and a year-on-year increase of 107.30%.

Industrial chain: upstream, the current domestic caprylic acid price continues to decline. Raw material pure benzene has entered the upward channel to slow down the decline of adipic acid. Domestic production lines are generally normal, with an operating rate of about 70%, but at present, the market demand is still weak, and the shipping resistance of enterprises is still large. In the later stage, pure benzene rebounded and the cost rose. It is expected to be transmitted to the downstream in the near future, and the price of adipic acid is expected to stop falling and rise. The shortage of adiponitrile broke out at the end of last month. Due to the high degree of dependence on imports, large international manufacturers claimed to lose production capacity due to force majeure in the medium and long term, the supply shortage of adiponitrile has not improved, and most of the domestic PA66 production load has been forced to decline.

In terms of raw materials, adipic acid continues to be weak, the high shortage of adiponitrile remains strong, and the cost side of PA66 is mainly supported by adiponitrile. In terms of industrial operating rate, affected by the shortage of adiponitrile, except Zhejiang Huafeng, the overall operating rate of polymerization enterprises is low. In terms of port supply, the recent arrival volume and inventory of major ports are both low, and the imported materials are difficult to supplement the domestic supply gap in the short term. In terms of the demand of terminal enterprises, the demand of the household appliance industry began to rise in the traditional peak season, the force in other fields was limited, and the follow-up of goods preparation was slow. The seller's mentality is strong, the offer is mainly high, and the inventory position is low, which induces some chasing trading.

SunSirs analysts believe that the high spot price of PA66 rose this week. The supply shortage of adiponitrile at the cost side is prominent, the overall load of the polymerization plant is low due to the lack of raw materials, and the spot price rises with the benefit of Chen benduan. Demand has gradually entered the peak season, but buyers' feedback on the rapidly rising supply of PA66 is general, and the wait-and-see atmosphere still exists. At present, the price range of PA66 is high and there is seasonal demand increment. It is expected that PA66 may operate at a high level in the near future in China.


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