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SunSirs: China PE Market Continued to Fall at the end of May in the Off-season
May 31 2021 14:18:16SunSirs(Selena)

Near the end of May, the overall trend of PE spot three varieties continued to be weak mainly, the decline of LDPE in East China was the most prominent last week. HDPE fell first and then stabilized, while LLDPE maintained weak consolidation, and businesses were on the market with the main profit margin.

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average ex-factory price of LLDPE (7042) in East China was 8,333.33 RMB/ ton on May 23 and 8,333.33 RMB/ ton on May 28. The price was stable in the week, down 0.79% from May 1. The average factory price of LDPE (2426h) in East China was 10,250.00 RMB/ ton on May 23, 9,825.00 RMB/ ton on May 28, falling by 4.15% in the week, down 11.29% from May 1. The average price of HDPE (5000S) in East China was 9,083.33 RMB/ ton on May 23, 9,066.67 RMB/ ton on May 28, falling first and then stable in the week, with a decline of 0.18%, up 0.55% from May 1.

Near the end of the month, the overall trend of the three PE spot markets is still weak, and the ex-factory prices are down. Last week, LDPE decreased the most significantly, at 150-400 RMB/ ton; HDPE was reduced by 100-300 RMB/ ton; The adjustment range of LLDPE was 50-300 RMB/ ton. As petrochemical enterprises reduce the ex-factory price, the market confidence was weak. In terms of demand, the current agricultural film production was in the off-season, the linear demand follow-up was insufficient, and the transaction atmosphere of the market was general. In addition, the power rationing in some regions of South China affected the start-up of downstream enterprises, and the demand for raw materials was expected to decline. On the supply side, new production capacity resources entered the market one after another, and the domestic supply increased significantly, which also brought some bad news to the market. Merchants actively shiped goods, give a small profit to stimulate downstream market purchasing, and the market lacked good guidance.

At present, power rationing in some areas of South China has affected the downstream enterprises to start work, and there is a low expectation of raw material demand. Moreover, agricultural film production is in the traditional off-season, and the market demand has weakened. Domestic PE supply is also under certain pressure. Petrochemical enterprises' lowering of ex factory prices will affect the market mentality. Businesses will follow the market and the prices will be lowered. It is expected that China PE spot market will still be weak in the short term.


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