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SunSirs: April 12 Coking Coal Prices Temporarily Stable Operation
April 13 2021 14:11:01SunSirs(HU)

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, At present, the average market price of coking coal is 1480 RMB/ton, and the overall price of coking coal is temporarily stable. The coking coal commodity index was 109.23 on April 11, the same as yesterday, down 10.12% from the peak of 121.53 (2019-03-12) within the cycle, and up 143.22% from the lowest point of 44.91 on January 28, 2016. (Note: Period: 2012-09-01 to present)

According to the SunSirs, on the supply side, Affected by the epidemic, now the Mongolian coal customs clearance is not smooth. Linfen Anze area low - sulfur mainstream coal sales can be, but manufacturers more than no inventory. Luliang area supply is relatively tight, Wuhai area supply has been reduced.

Requirements: Shandong two ports coke market stability today, the current port area quasi level one metallurgical coke mainstream spot exchange out of the warehouse price at about 2120 RMB/ton, level one coke price at 2220 RMB/ton, stable than the previous trading day price. Inventory of the two ports continued to rise, the port situation is good. The overall atmosphere of the port market improved, enquiries increased, trading picked up, some transactions. No large factors in the near future, the coke market in the short term is mainly stable. Future focus on all aspects of coke inventory.

According to SunSirs coking coal analysts, ainly purchases coking coal on demand. Affected by environmental protection, the start-up of coke enterprises is affected, and the profits are reduced. The multidimensional stable market operation of coke is the main,It is expected that the multidimensional stable market operation of coking coal depends on the downstream market demand.


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