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SunSirs: China BR Prices Dropped slightly on January 27
January 28 2021 15:10:23SunSirs(Selena)

Commodity name: BR 9000

Latest price (January 27): 11,360.00 yuan / ton

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, China domestic BR price was 11,360.00 yuan / ton on January 27, down 0.53% compared with the previous day. On one hand, the price of butadiene continued to weaken. As of January 27, the butadiene price was 6,057 yuan / ton; on the other hand, due to the unexpected shutdown of the rubber plant of Yangzi Petrochemical in the early stage, the market speculation price rose too fast, and there was a callback demand in the market; near the Spring Festival, the downstream purchasing enthusiasm was not high, and some businesses shipped at low prices. According to SunSirs, at present, the quotation of BR market is slightly lower than that in the earlier stage, the mainstream price of Daqing is 11,100-11,200 yuan / ton, of Qilu is 11,200-11,400 yuan / ton, of Qixiang, Jinzhou and Sichuan is 10,700-10,900 yuan / ton.

At present, the price of raw materials is at a low level and the demand side is weakening. It is expected that the price of China BR will narrow down in the future.


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