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SunSirs: Cement Market in East China Drops slightly as Holiday Approaches
January 22 2021 14:26:47SunSirs(Selena)

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the cement market in East China fell slightly in January, with the price of 508.40 RMB/ ton on January 4 and 503.40 RMB/ ton on January 21, with a decrease of 0.98%. The current price fell 0.94% month on month, and the current price fell 6.81% year on year.

In January, the spring holiday is approaching, cement demand is general, manufacturers are under great pressure, and the price shows a downward trend. Affected by the cold weather occurred in parts of East China, and the temperature continued to drop. The operating rate of infrastructure and construction sites decreased.

On January 19, the ports of Shandong and Shandong were still relatively strong. In terms of price, the mainstream spot ex warehouse price of port quasi primary metallurgical coke was about 2900 RMB/ ton, and the price of primary coke was 3,000 RMB/ ton. Inventories in Hong Kong and Hong Kong continued to decline today. The transportation is limited, and the current situation of port gathering is not good. Downstream demand is still good, coke demand is strong.. In the spot market, Shanxi, Shandong, Hebei and other major production areas began to raise the price of coke for the fourteenth round, with an increase of 100 RMB/ ton in this round, and the downstream steel mills have not responded yet. But at present, the supply of coke continues to be tight, and the production of new downstream units is limited in the short term, so the steel plant is expected to accept it. At present, the transportation of Hebei and its surrounding areas is limited, and some of them are changed to fire transportation. In some areas, the arrival quantity of steel plants is still limited, the coke inventory of steel plants continues to be low, and some steel plants enter into maintenance. In the future, it is difficult to improve the situation of tight coke supply in the near future. Near the Spring festival, the downstream steel mills have the demand for goods, and the coke price tends to be strong in the near future.

According to the prediction of SunSirs, the cement market in North China has continued to decline recently. With the coming of the Spring Festival holiday, construction sites are gradually shut down and workers are returning home. The market demand is further declining. Therefore, SunSirs cement product analysts believe that Chna cement market is mainly weakening in a short period of time.


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