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SunSirs: DME Rose nearly 13% in the First Half of September
September 18 2020 07:25:22SunSirs(Selena)

China DME market continued to rise for half a September, the current price has risen to the highest point in five months. According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average price of DME in Henan market on September 1 was 2,210.00 RMB/ ton, and on September 14 it was 2,493.33 RMB/ ton, up 12.82% in half a month and 5.35% higher than that on August 1.

In September, DME Market showed a continuous upward trend. In the first week of September, the market rose slightly and the supply was sufficient; however, it rose sharply from the beginning of the second week. Before that, due to the influence of seasonal factors, terminal demand was slow, and DME had been in a fluctuating downward trend. The rise can be described as a successful reversal. The reasons for the rise come from two points. First, as the off-season has passed, the traditional sales peak season is coming in September. With the gradual decrease of temperature, the terminal demand is expected to improve, and the news is good for the market mentality. Second, also the main reason, the upstream methanol rose sharply in September. The sharp rise in costs has brought obvious support to the market. Under this pressure, most manufacturers have a strong mentality and take advantage of the situation to push up prices. Market trading atmosphere is good, manufacturers are shipping smoothly.

In the first half of September, in terms of cost, the domestic methanol market showed an obvious rise, but the LPG fell in a weak way. The traditional peak sales season has arrived, but the terminal demand is not obvious, the consumption is still slow, and the sharp drop in international crude oil depresses the market mentality. Although CP rose in September, its positive effect is limited. The enthusiasm of entering the market is not high, and it is mainly cautious. Manufacturers shipment is not smooth, inventory is increasing, successive price reduction, shipment based. At present, the cost market is still strong, but the continuous decline of LPG for civil use has some restraint on DME. At present, the slow increase of demand in the terminal market is still the main difficulty for the rise. In the future, the DME market is easy to rise but difficult to fall in the short term.


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