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SunSirs: Good Cost Side Boosts China's Spandex Price Slightly Stronger
August 21 2020 08:34:27SunSirs(Linda)

According to SunSirs price monitoring, the domestic spandex market showed a slight increase in the past week. As of August 20, the average price of spandex 40D was 31,400 yuan/ton, which was 1.62% higher than August 13 and down 1.57% year-on-year.

The supporting role of the cost side is gradually increasing, and spandex manufacturers are actively pushing up. Most spandex manufacturers have issued price increase notices. Due to the greater impact of cost pressure, each specification has generally increased by 500-1,000 yuan/ton. The emergence of this news has brought a certain degree of activity to the market. Downstream distributors and agents have a slight stocking mood, and the initial inventory is gradually depleted. The overall market is showing signs of improvement. At present, the mainstream negotiation of 20D spandex in Zhejiang area refers to 34,500-35,500 yuan/ton; the mainstream negotiation of 30D spandex refers to 33,500-34,500 yuan/ton; the mainstream negotiation of 40D spandex refers to 27,500-28,500 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is discussed in detail.

In the raw material market, the pure MDI market continued to rise. News was stimulating. Holders were reluctant to sell at low prices, and offers pushed up. However, there is limited downstream replenishment, just need support, supply replenishment is slow, and trading is weak. The current market price is 14,500-14,800 yuan / ton wire barrel.

The downstream terminal market is not willing to accept orders, and all parties watch the market cautiously. The market demand in Yiwu, Zhejiang is generally following up, and the start-up level of the wrapping yarn market remains at 60%. The start of the market in Xiaoshao and Shaoxing remained low, the start of the circular knitting market remained at 40-50%, and the start of the covered yarn market was maintained at 50%; the start of the Changshu region in Jiangsu was followed up with orders, and the start of the circular knitting and warp knitting markets remained at the same level. 50%-60%. Recently, the traditional market of China Textile City is in a low market stage, and the sales of apparel fabrics continue to shrink. The price of mass fabrics has fallen from the previous month, and the price and volume of out-of-volume products have fallen. The sales of summer thin fabrics continued to decline, and many suppliers in the domestic market continued to see small increases in the proofing of autumn and winter fabrics, and orders partially increased. The foreign trade market, especially the arrival of autumn and winter fabric orders, gradually opened up the situation, and sales began to increase partially.

SunSirs analysts believe that on the cost side, the raw material market PTMEG has plans to increase, and the pure MDI market price continues to rise, which is good for the increase in support and boosts overall market confidence. In addition, the current spandex industry is about 80%. Although it remains high, the demand side is also showing signs of improvement. Manufacturers indicate that shipments are smooth, the overall inventory level is declining, and there are even manufacturers that say that individual specifications and models are tight. It is believed that as the "Golden Nine and Silver Ten" approaches, the overall market for spandex will maintain a volatile upward trend.

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