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SunSirs: The Market of Phenolic and Ketone Varies from UPS to Downs After the National Day
October 10 2019 10:25:10SunSirs(John)

Product Name: phenol 

The latest price (East China/October 8th): 8400 RMB/ton

Analysis points:

After the National Day, the domestic phenol Market as a whole quiet, in view of pre-festival phenol has increased and then declined, terminal inquiries are not many, mostly wait-and-see, the market as a whole is narrow and weak, the enthusiasm of industry participation is general, the holders follow the market opening, downstream terminal buying and follow-up is insufficient, inquiries are weak, intermediaries cautious inquiry operation, insufficient follow-up. SunSirs expect that the domestic phenol market will continue to weaken, and the East China phenol Market negotiation range refers to 8350-8450 RMB/ton.


Product Name: acetone

The latest price (East China/October 8th): 4900 RMB/ton

Analysis points:

After the National Day, the acetone market as a whole boosted, the current port inventory fell to 26,000 tons, the mindset of the holders was boosted, the offer was boosted, the terminal factory inquiry atmosphere was better, the market center of gravity narrowly increased. It is estimated that today's East China market negotiation range is 4900-4950 RMB/ton; Yanshan peripheral market negotiation range is 5000-5100 RMB/ton; South China mainstream market negotiation range is 4900-5000 RMB/ton. SunSirs expect the domestic acetone market to continue to strengthen today.


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