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SunSirs: The Overall Operation of the Domestic Caustic Soda Market Was Stable on February 25
February 26 2020 10:23:50SunSirs(John)

The domestic caustic soda market is mainly operating stably. The willingness to trade in the caustic soda market is not high, and the transactions are tepid. The operating price of the 32% ionic membrane alkali caustic soda market in Shandong region is stable, with a quoted price of about 580-650 RMB/ton. Caustic soda companies have equipment to stop, the market supply is reduced, and the trading atmosphere is flat. It is expected that the market will consolidate within a short period of time. The caustic soda market in Jiangsu region is operating steadily for the time being. The mainstream of 32% alkali market is 630-740 RMB/ton. The market is relatively stable, operating at low load, and trading is mainly stable. The domestic caustic soda market is generally stable. Demand side performance is not good, downstream alumina support for caustic soda is limited. At present, the start of business is slowly recovering. The supply side may increase, and the market may show oversupply.

SunSirs analysts believe that the liquid alkali market is operating stably as a whole, with no favorable support for supply and demand, prices continue to run, the industry waits and waits, and the market continues to consolidate. It is expected that the price of caustic soda will continue to consolidate in the short term, depending on the downstream market demand.


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