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Silicone DMC News
SunSirs: This Week, the Silicone DMC Market Saw a Broad Upward Movement (September 10-15)
September 18 2023 14:28:49SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to monitoring data from SunSirs, as of September 15, 2023, the domestic market price of silicone DMC was referenced at 14,760 RMB/ton. Compared with September 10 (silicone DMC reference 13,340 RMB/ton), the price increased by 1,420 RMB/ton, an increase of 10.64%.

Analysis review

From the data monitoring chart of SunSirs, it can be seen that this week (9.10-9.15), the domestic silicone DMC market as a whole showed a broad upward trend. Entering September, silicone DMC had finally ushered in the "Golden September Effect". Downstream demand was expected to rebound overall, and the market was generally positive. In addition, the high cost side market provided increased cost support for silicone DMC. This week, Shandong large factories actively raised the price of silicone DMC, with an adjustment of over 1,000 yuan per ton. Other factories and suppliers were also actively increasing under the drive of large factories, with some factories mainly closing orders for early delivery, some orders had been arranged until mid October, and the on-site spot supply was tight. The overall atmosphere of the silicone DMC market was good, and the confidence of operators had increased. As of September 15th, the domestic silicone DMC market price reference was around 14,700-15,000 RMB/ton.

Market outlook

As of September 15th, the trading atmosphere in the silicone DMC market was mild. After the market quickly rose to high prices, some downstream companies were actively restocking for fear of the market continuing to chase high, while others were still worried and cautious in placing orders. However, as the Double Festival approaches, downstream demand for silicone DMC will remain stable and continue to recover. Therefore, the silicone DMC data analyst at SunSirs believes that in the short term, the domestic silicone DMC market price will mainly be rising.

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