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Seamless tube News
SunSirs: The Resources of Upstream Pipe Billet Are Tight and Seamless Tube Prices Are Steadily Increasing (November 18- 22)
November 25 2019 11:05:33SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, on November 22, the seamless tube rose slightly. The price of 20# seamless pipe was 4,452RMB/ton, up 0.23% from the beginning of the week, up by 0.04% from the beginning of the year and down 6.03% year-on-year.


Analysis review        

Upstream tube billet: The price of raw material billet continues to increase this week. Among them, the ex-factory price of Huaigang Pipe Billet is raised by RMB 50/ton, and the current factory price of  20# tube billet steel is Φ29-85mm is 4040RMB/ton; Zhongtian Iron and Steel 20# hot-rolled billet price is raised by RMB 140/ton, now the listed price of φ50-130mm is 4,060RMB/ton.

Pipe factory: the pipe factory is also partially upgraded, the factory price of Linyi 108*4.5mm general rolling is 4280-4300RMB, continuous rolling 4390RMB, 57*3.5mm cold drawing plus 270RMB; Liaocheng Mild steel plate is 4280-4330RMB; sheet metal 73 -159*4.5mm base price is 4440RMB; Xin Pengyuan 273-377mm series are 4350RMB;RMBhua 219*6mm base price is 4300RMB; Xinye special steel 219*6mm base price is 4250RMB (except Zhongnan), 377*10mm base price is 4500RMB ( Except for Central South).

In terms of market: Since the beginning of November, the price of raw material billet has been rising by about 210RMB/ton due to resource constraints. The tube factory has a strong trend of rising, and the price has risen by about 150RMB/ton. However, the demand in the winter market is limited, and the enthusiasm for downstream procurement is not high. Recently, the seamless pipe transaction is not optimistic, and the merchants are generally not optimistic about the later market.


Market outlook

Seamless tube analysts from SunSirs believe that although raw materials are rising, but demand is light, merchants are not willing to raise prices, and prices are mostly stable. It is expected that the short-term seamless tube market will be dominated by small and medium-sized adjustment.


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