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SunSirs: The Demand is General, China Asphalt Market is Volatile
June 10 2021 14:57:06SunSirs(Selena)

International crude oil prices fell slightly. On June 8, asphalt futures closed at 3,162 RMB/ ton, down 3.36%. At present, the asphalt spot market is mainly stable. According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, as of June 8, the average spot price of domestic asphalt was 3,280 RMB/ ton, up 3.04% month on month and 44.18% year on year.

On June 7, Sinopec's Asphalt price in southern China rose, driving up the market atmosphere, but the actual demand of the market was limited, and the decline of asphalt futures market price also had a certain suppression effect on the spot market.

The actual rigid demand is general, and part of it is mainly for the demand of goods preparation. According to the prediction of SunSirs asphalt analysts, the asphalt spot market is mainly for short-term consolidation.


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