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SunSirs: Color coating prices continue to rise, high-level resources are not trading well
May 27 2020 14:51:41SunSirs(Molly)

Since May, the price of color coated coils has continued to rise. As of 26th, the spot price of Baosteel's 0.5 * 1200 * C hot-dip galvanized color coating in Shanghai was about 6685 yuan / ton, up 1.52% from last week and about 100 yuan / ton, and up 5.5% from early May at about 350 yuan / ton.

Supply: According to relevant data, as of May 22, the national inventory of color-coated coils was 181,200 tons, a decrease of 7.46% from the previous week by approximately 14,600 tons. Of which, except for a small increase in inventory in the southwest region, the rest Both have decreased, with the largest decline in East China. The operating rate of the nation's color coating production enterprises is about 73%, the capacity utilization rate is 63%, an increase of 1.37% from last week, and the weekly output is 174,800 tons, an increase of 30,800 tons from last week.

Market: As raw material prices are firm, billet prices continue to rise, and strong futures are used as price support, the price of color-coated coils has continued to rise since May. However, from the perspective of transaction, because prices continue to rise, high-level resources are not easy to trade, and businesses tend to wait and see. Due to the fact that overseas enterprises have not fully resumed work, the export volume of color-coated products has not returned to normal levels. It is expected that the foreign trade situation in June will be significantly improved.

In general, resources have arrived one after another, and downstream demand has not increased significantly. Color painting prices are expected to consolidate and run weakly next week.

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