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Seamless tube News
SunSirs: The Price of Seamless Tubes Will Remain Stable and Tend to Strengthen in March
March 04 2024 11:37:59SunSirs(John)

Price trend  

According to data from SunSirs, prices remained stable during the Spring Festival in February, while seamless tube prices first rose and then fell after the holiday. At the beginning of the month, the quotation for seamless tubes 20# and 108 * 4.5 was 4,777 RMB/ton. At the end of the month, it increased to 4,777.5 RMB/ton, an increase of 0.16%, and a year-on-year decrease of 4.55%.

Analysis review

In terms of supply: In the early stage of the Spring Festival, driven by the rise in raw material prices, most mainstream seamless tube factories had raised factory prices or reduced discount rates. Although market transactions were gradually shrinking, prices we re also rising synchronously due to upstream influences.

In terms of demand: After the market opened, transactions were weak, and the rainy and snowy weather in many parts of the country affected the pace of downstream construction. The overall market mentality was cautious. The market inventory was mainly based on the access of winter storage resources before the new year, with a slight increase in inventory maintenance. Market traders were more likely to ship at stable prices.

Market outlook

In summary, the brief rise and fall of the market after the holiday had made the market mentality more cautious. The management factory was accelerating the delivery of pre holiday orders, but the market consumption rate was slow, and the inventory of social warehouses continued to rise. However, merchants tended to underestimate their expectations for March, and some merchants are accelerating their selling. As the temperature gradually warms up and downstream construction sites increase, market demand is expected to improve. But in early March, a major conference was held in Beijing, during which road transportation and market shipments may have an impact. Recently, manufacturers had a strong willingness to ship, but due to demand constraints, the overall trading atmosphere in the market was average. Overall, it is expected that the domestic seamless tube prices will remain stable or tend to strengthen in March.

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