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Ethyl Acrylate News
SunSirs: The Market for Ethyl Acrylate Tended to Stabilize before the Holiday
February 04 2024 14:26:10SunSirs(John)

Price trend

Recently (1.29-2.2), the market trend of ethyl acrylate had also remained stable. According to data from SunSirs, as of February 2, the average price of isooctyl acrylate in Shandong was 10,600 RMB/ton,

Analysis review

The market price of ethyl acrylate in East China was 10,500 RMB/ton, and in North China it was 10,700 RMB/ton; the market price in South China was 10,800 RMB/ton.

The market price of ethyl acrylate tended to stabilize for most of the time. With the increase in stocking demand before the Spring Festival, the overall price of the acrylic acid and ester industry chain had risen, driving the stable price of the ethyl acrylate market. However, downstream users still generally maintained a rhythm of purchase on demand, and the market mostly maintained a low consolidation operation before and after the Spring Festival.

Market outlook

As of February 2nd, the rise of the ethyl acrylate market was mainly affected by the rise of raw materials, with limited support from the raw material and spot ends. From the perspective of the acrylic ester industry chain, the ethyl acrylate market has the smallest fluctuation, and the pre holiday prices are mostly stable.

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