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vitamin E vitamin C vitamin A News
SunSirs: The Vitamin Market Had Shown a Stronger Trend This Week (January 15-19)
January 22 2024 13:49:08SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the bulk list data from SunSirs, some varieties in the vitamin market had shown a stronger trend this week, with prices rebounding and the market atmosphere improving.

Analysis review

According to price monitoring by SunSirs, the vitamin C market had slightly increased this week, with mainstream feed grade vitamin C prices ranging from 23 to 25 RMB/kg. Recently, the market atmosphere had improved, mainstream factories maintained a suspension of reporting, traders raised their prices, and downstream acceptance was still acceptable. The actual transaction situation was average.

This week, the price of vitamin A was temporarily stable, with the mainstream price of feed grade vitamin A in the market at 72-75 RMB/kg and a European market quotation of 18-20 euros/kg. The vitamin A market had stable trading, but due to the extended maintenance of foreign vitamin A factories, the market production and sales had been weak.

This week, the price of vitamin E remained stable at a low level, and the mainstream price in the VE market was between 58-63 RMB/kg. The European market quotation was 6.3-7.0 euros per kilogram. Some large domestic factories were in the maintenance period and had suspended their quotations. Manufacturers rarely provided quotations, while traders followed the market and negotiated mainly.

Market outlook

Vitamin analysts from SunSirs believe that there were signs of improvement in the vitamin market, but there was a lack of trading volume. In the future, it is necessary to closely monitor the production, sales, and market trends of enterprises.

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