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SunSirs: During the epidemic, FMG iron ore shipments remained normal, Kumba iron mine develops port and warehouse management plan to respond to epidemic
February 21 2020 13:35:07SunSirs(Molly)

1. Foreign media reported on February 19 that Australian FMG mining company stated that iron ore will be shipped normally and the epidemic did not cause problems with customer payments.

"Our shipments are proceeding as planned and we have full confidence in China's economy," FMG CEO Elizabeth Gaines said in a question.

2. Kumba Mining said on Tuesday that they have formulated a port and warehouse management plan to buffer the impact of the epidemic on iron ore sales, and Kumba is actively expanding markets outside China.

The company's general manager, Mkhwanazi, said the current epidemic has had less impact on its iron ore sales, so it remains optimistic about long-term development.

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