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SunSirs: Multiple Bearish Pressures, China ABS Market Declined in early December
December 07 2023 13:49:54SunSirs(Selena)

In early December, the domestic ABS market continued to be weak, and spot prices of various brands were often lowered. According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, as of December 6th, the average price of ABS sample products was 11,000.00 RMB/ton, with a decrease of -1.23% from the average price level at the beginning of the month.

In terms of supply: In December, the domestic ABS industry took on a high load from the previous period, with a weekly average operating rate of about 75%, which was basically sideways compared to the previous period. The production of the enterprise is stable, and inventory is steadily increasing. In addition, in November, the new equipment of Ineos Benling was put into operation, and current shipments continue to expand, resulting in a full supply of goods on site. The company's loss situation continues, with high supply pressure. The supply side's drag on the spot market continues.

In terms of raw materials: In early December, the upstream three materials of ABS showed a weak trend, with the acrylonitrile market stabilizing after a decline. The raw material prices have fallen in mid month, and the current repair is insufficient. The cost support for acrylonitrile is average; The main downstream production is still stable, but there is an expectation of an increase in the load of the acrylonitrile unit. The market's bearish mentality has intensified. At present, there is insufficient trading and prices are weak and stagnant.

In early December, the domestic butadiene market accelerated its decline. The main production enterprise Sinopec has significantly lowered its ex factory quotation by 500 RMB/ton, creating a bearish drag on the market atmosphere. At the same time, some devices have restarted, and there is sufficient supply of goods on the supply side. Downstream industries have frequently stopped and reduced their load, and the dragging force on the demand side has gradually strengthened. The butadiene market has encountered obstacles in transactions, and supplier prices are under pressure, leading to a decline in the market's focus.

At the beginning of December, the price decline of styrene in the market expanded. International oil prices continue to decline, with pure benzene, the raw material for styrene, following suit. In addition, spot resource transactions are weak, and the cost support for styrene is weak. The main downstream market is not good, with merchants mainly offering discounts for shipments. The spot trading of styrene is weak, and the market is fluctuating and falling.

In terms of demand: Recently, downstream factories of ABS, including the main terminal home appliance industry, have shown poor stocking enthusiasm, mainly focusing on digesting existing inventory. Enterprise operations tend to maintain production, making it difficult to increase demand. The wait-and-see sentiment of midstream traders has intensified, and their willingness to purchase goods is low, resulting in weak demand side.

In early December, the overall performance of the upstream three materials of ABS was poor, and the support for the cost side of ABS was weak. The operation of the petrochemical plant is generally maintained in the early stage, and the supply pressure is maintained at a high level. The demand side consumption is poor, and merchants are often bearish about the future market. The concentration of bearish sentiment on the market has led to a complete decline in ABS prices. It is expected that the bearish fundamentals will be difficult to digest in the short term, and the ABS market may have downward momentum.


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