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Ammonium biphosphate DAP News
SunSirs: Entering October, the Ammonium Phosphate Market Was Consolidating at a High Level (October 1-17)
October 18 2023 14:37:46SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, as of October 17th, the average market price of 55% powdered ammonium biphosphate in China was 3,083 RMB/ton, which was stable compared to the average market price of 3083 RMB/ton on October 1st.

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, as of October 17th, the average market price of 64% DAP in China was 3,883 RMB/ton, which is 0.21% higher than the average market price of 3,875 RMB/ton on October 1st.

Analysis review

Market quotation situation

Since October, the market price of ammonium phosphate was mainly in consolidation operation. As of October 17th, the market price of 55% powdered ammonium biphosphate in Hubei region was around 3,050 RMB/ton, while the factory price of 55% powdered ammonium biphosphate in Henan region was around 3,100 RMB/ton, with actual negotiations being the main focus. The market quotation for 64% DAP in Shandong region was about 3,900 RMB/ton, and the 57% market quotation for DAP was about 3,400 RMB/ton. The actual transaction was negotiated.

Cost side

The price of raw material phosphate rock increased, the price of raw material sulfur had decreased, and the cost side was mixed.

In terms of raw material sulfur: Since October, the domestic sulfur market trend had been mainly downward. As of October 17th, the reference average price of sulfur in East China was 916.67 RMB/ton.

In terms of raw phosphate rock: After the end of the National Day holiday, the overall trend of phosphate rock market prices continued to rise. As of October 17th, the domestic market price of 30 grade phosphate rock was based on 998 RMB/ton, with a post holiday price increase of 2.89%. It is expected that in the short term, the overall high level of the phosphate rock market will be mainly stronger.

Supply and demand side

As of October 17th, there were relatively few new orders in the ammonium biphosphate market, but there was still support from pending orders, and the market was mainly wait-and-see. Recently, there had been an increase in equipment maintenance for enterprises, resulting in a decrease in market supply. The supply of DAP in some areas was tight, and the market trading direction was good. Autumn wheat fertilizer was sweeping away, and demand in the Northeast market was concentrated.

Market outlook

According to ammonium phosphate analysts from SunSirs, the price of sulfur, the raw material for ammonium phosphate, had decreased, and cost support was not strong. However, the autumn market demand was still there, and with the support of pending orders, the market continued to be strong. It is expected that the ammonium phosphate market will mainly focus on consolidation and operation in the short term.

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