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Seamless tube News
SunSirs:The Price of Seamless Tube held steady
January 07 2020 09:41:06SunSirs(Molly)

According to SunSirs' data, on January 6, the seamless tube quoted $637.33/ton, unchanged from the previous trading day and down 0.37% year on year.                                                         

Influence Factor

Recently, seamless tube market operates weak but stability. Upstream pipe: Zhongtian steel tube billet increases $4.30/ton last week, 20 # factory-gate prices of hot-rolled tube billet Φ 50-130 - mm ex-factory price is $599.20/ton. Long and strong tube billet increased by $4.30/ton, the factory price of #20 hot rolled tube billet is $592.03/ton. Chengde Jianlong tube billet is $4.30/ton, now #20 hot rolled tube billet factory price is $574.83/ton. In terms of the management plant: after the increase of $7.1/ton by Zhengyang last week, Jinbaocheng, Rui Steel union and Taizong raised $7.17 /ton, the base price of 108*4.5mm was $609.23/ton, and the price of Zhengyang continuous rolling was listed at 4,390 yuan/ton. The Meixin’s price remained unchanged for the time being. Market: the market as a whole presents the characteristics of the traditional off-season, the market transaction is blocked, the downstream site shutdown.

After-Market Forcast

SunSirs seamless analysts believe that market turnover is depressed by the impact of the New Year's Day holiday, shipments significantly reduced. It is reported that most traders in the Spring Festival holiday in January 18 or so the beginning of the holiday, so the general enthusiasm for shipment. It is expected that the short - term seamless tube market prices are still weak but steady trend.

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