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Color coated sheet News
SunSirs: The Price of Coated Plate runs Smoothly (12/30)
December 31 2019 09:37:50SunSirs(Molly)

On December 30, the price of national color coated sheet coil operates smoother than last Friday's. Shanghai BaoSteel Group’s 0.5*1200*C hot dip galvanized color coated sheet market price is $ 978.03/ton and the price at the beginning of December basically flat.

From the supply side, as of December 27, the weekly output of the national galvanized steel mills was 780,200 tons, the same as last week, galvanized steel coil total social inventory was 854,700 tons, compared with last week a decrease of 0.74%; The weekly output of color coated sheet coil was 155,400 tons, 0.77% less than that of last week. The total social inventory of color coated sheet coil was 127,200 tons, 0.05% less than that of last week. The yield of galvanized sheet coil was relatively flat.

On the futures aspect, the black series and hot rolled coil futures rose slightly today. The main hot rolled futures contract closed at $510.39/ton in 2005, up $0.72n/ton from the settlement price of the previous working day. In terms of market, today's color coated plate volume in the north of the market has risen steadily, the southern market price is mainly stable, due to approaching the end of the year, downstream demand is weak, the overall deal is not smooth, but the recent lack of resources, and raw material prices to provide support, merchants more holding a price wait-and-see attitude.

Overall, it is expected that the future for a period of time color coated plate volume market will maintain stable operation.

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