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Ethyl Acrylate News
2024-05-08 15:01:32 SunSirs
Price trend Recently, there has been no positive news to support the overall market atmosphere, with stable price operation as the main focus. Downstream delivery
2024-04-03 10:49:45 SunSirs
Price trend This week, the price of ethyl acrylate had once again dropped. As of April 1st, the benchmark price of ethyl acrylate at SunSirs
2024-03-13 15:09:06 SunSirs
Price trend This week, the market for ethyl acrylate had been fluctuating and weakening. There was also inventory pressure in the ethyl acrylate market, which
2024-03-06 10:16:42 SunSirs
Price trend Last week (2.27-3.5), ethyl acrylate experienced a downward trend. The ethylene raw material market was stable and declining, with weak cost support. It
2024-02-21 14:52:10 SunSirs
Price trend Recently (2.13-2.20), the market price of ethyl acrylate in East China was 10,500 RMB/ton, and in North China it was 10,700 RMB/ton; The
2024-02-04 14:26:10 SunSirs
Price trend Recently (1.29-2.2), the market trend of ethyl acrylate had also remained stable. According to data from SunSirs, as of February 2, the average
2024-01-08 09:39:04 SunSirs
The trend of the ethyl acrylate market remained stable this week, as the overall market volume was not large, and most enterprises still focused on
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