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SunSirs: Supply and Demand are Balanced, China ABS Market is Sorted out in Early September

September 07 2022 10:27:46     SunSirs (Selena)

According to the data of SunSirs, the domestic ABS market was collated horizontally in early September, and the spot prices of various brands rose and fell. As of September 5, the average price of the mainstream offer of general grade ABS was about 11,700 RMB/ ton, up or down by -1.27% compared with the price level at the beginning of last week.

Industrial chain: in terms of raw material styrene, the market price of styrene rose last week. The main reasons for the increase are that the downstream operating rate has increased significantly, the demand has improved compared with the previous period, the port inventory has decreased, the styrene has been smoothly removed from the warehouse, and the spot market has risen. However, the sharp drop in crude oil prices and poor cost support restrained the growth of styrene. Generally speaking, if the raw material level falls this week, the styrene market will follow the decline.

Recently, the acrylonitrile market has fluctuated, and the supply side of the domestic acrylonitrile industry has been in a loose state for a long time. However, due to the industry's initiative to reduce the burden in the early stage, there is a phased supply tightening pattern, and the supply pressure has been partially relieved. The improvement of downstream demand was limited, and the start-up of terminal enterprises increased by a narrow margin. It is expected that acrylonitrile market will rise in a narrow range in the short term.

Last week, the price of domestic butadiene suppliers rose sharply in succession, but the basic support of butadiene faced with the market is unlikely to last. The pressure of downstream enterprises increased, and the demand fell. In addition, it is expected that the arrival volume of ports will increase in the near future, and it is expected that the domestic butadiene market will rise or be hindered in the short term.

Recently, the upstream three materials of ABS cost end have a good trend, and the support of ABS cost surface is OK. In terms of industry load, the expected increase in the start-up of some ABS production lines in the early stage was realized, and the on-site supply continued to be abundant, and the pressure on the market at the supply side did not decrease. In terms of demand, in September, although the high-temperature power limitation of some terminal enterprises was lifted, the follow-up release of downstream demand, especially in the main terminal household appliances and other industries, has not yet been in place, and the intensity of on-site consumption needs to be improved. Businessmen are not confident in the peak season and offer according to the market.

SunSirs analysts believe that the ABS spot market was generally sideways last week, and the overall trend of the three upstream materials was positive, which supported the cost side of ABS fairly well. The domestic spot supply is abundant, and the demand follow-up in the peak season has not yet been realized. The market has misgivings about the macroeconomic situation, and it is expected that the ABS spot market in China will be adjusted and operated in the short term.


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