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SunSirs: The Trading has not Improved, China ABS Market has Fallen

August 17 2022 10:14:06     SunSirs (Selena)

Price trend:

According to the data of SuNSirs, the domestic ABS market fell last week, and the spot prices of various brands decreased. As of August 15, the average price of general-purpose ABS mainstream offers was about 12,050 RMB/ ton, up or down by -1.63% compared with the price level at the beginning of the month.

Market analysis:

Industrial chain: in terms of raw material styrene, the market price of styrene fluctuated and fell last week. The main reason is that due to the low crude oil price, the center of gravity of the pure benzene market moves downward, it is difficult to support the styrene market, the supply and demand fundamentals are weak, some maintenance units are restarted, the port inventory is rising, and the spot price of styrene is fluctuating and falling.

Recently, the acrylonitrile market has been shaken and consolidated. The supply side of the domestic acrylonitrile industry continues to be in a loose state, the downstream commencement continues to fall, and the market transaction is deadlocked. However, with the acrylonitrile price falling to the low level near 9,000 RMB/ ton, the downstream replenishment has increased. At present, the price of acrylonitrile has dropped to a stage low, and it is expected that the acrylonitrile market will fluctuate in a narrow range in the later period.

Last week, the decline of the domestic butadiene market slowed down. Although Sinopec and other major production enterprises lowered their factory prices several times this week, the market prices in some areas rebounded narrowly due to the auction results of Luqing, and the market speculation atmosphere was strong. At the same time, the current butadiene market has dropped to a relatively low level, and the downstream replenishment sentiment is obvious. Therefore, the decline of the butadiene market has slowed down.

Last week, the trend of three materials in the upstream of ABS cost side was weak, and the support of ABS cost side was poor. At the macro level, the chemical industry chain continues to fluctuate under the influence of macro inflation factors. In terms of industrial load, the current operating rate of ABS enterprises is about 70%, but some production lines are expected to increase the load, and the supply side has limited support for the market. While the industry's off-season market remains unchanged, the demand of the main downstream home appliances and other industries lags behind, and the on-site consumption is weak. The merchants reduce the price and take the order, and the offer follows the market. Terminal enterprises buy at low prices and have obvious resistance to high-priced goods.

Market forecast:

The spot market of ABS fell last week, and the overall trend of the three upstream materials was poor, which weakened the support for the cost side of ABS. Domestic spot supply is abundant, and demand follow-up is poor. The off-season market dominates the market, and it is expected that the spot market of ABS will continue to fall in China in the short term.


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