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SunSirs: Costs Were High, Carbon Black Prices Rose This Week (September 19-23)
September 26 2022 09:15:38SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the data monitored by SunSirs, the domestic carbon black price was 11,100 RMB/ton on September 23, and the domestic carbon black price went up this week. The price of raw material coal tar continued to rise, and the cost-side support of carbon black enterprises was strong, and the cost side supported the confidence in the carbon black market.

Analysis review

On the cost side, the market price of high-temperature coal tar, a raw material, remained at a high level, and carbon black enterprises had strong support on the cost side. Driven by costs, the overall price of carbon black rose slightly; the supply of coal tar continued to be tight. Most deep processing and carbon black companies are facing losses. At present, carbon black companies are not very motivated to start construction, and the overall start-up load has dropped significantly. On the demand side, the enthusiasm of downstream tire companies to start construction was not high, and there was strong resistance to high-priced carbon black. Just purchased mainly on demand, the overall trading atmosphere of the market was light.

Market outlook

On the whole, it is expected that the carbon black market price will be high and strong, and it is needed to pay attention to the company's start-up and downstream market dynamics in the later stage.

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