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SunSirs: This Week, the Glass Spot Market Price Stopped Falling and Rose (July 29-August 5)
August 08 2022 10:29:37SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the spot market price of glass rose during the week. The average price of glass on last Friday was 19.3 RMB/square meter, and the average price on this Friday was 19.5 RMB/square meter, with a price increase of 1.04% within seven days.

Analysis review

Glass spot market prices rose during the week. The market transaction in the Shahe region of North China was normal. The spot price of glass rose slightly. Stimulated by the price increase, the market transaction was good. The downstream and traders were more motivated to replenish, and the inventory was reduced. The market trading situation in East China was general, the price was mainly stable temporarily, and the market maintained stable operation. The overall production and sales in Central China were good, the market shipments improved, and downstream and traders strengthened their replenishment efforts. The spot trading situation of South China Glass was general, the market price was mainly stable, and the transaction was acceptable. The production and sales in the southwest region were average, the market conditions were average, and most manufacturers' inventories continued to increase. The glass market in the northwest region was sluggish and the demand was weak. The market trend in the Northeast region was general, the downstream orders were general, and the inventory increased slightly.

In terms of soda ash, according to the monitoring data of SunSirs, the price of soda ash was running weakly this week. The mainstream market price of light soda ash in East China was about 2,600-2,800 RMB/ton. The price of soda ash in North China was temporarily stable, and the market price of light soda ash was about 2,800-2,900 RMB/ton. The overall trading atmosphere was relatively weak, the downstream procurement of soda ash was not very enthusiastic, and more purchases were based on demand, and there was a phenomenon of lowering the price of soda ash, so soda ash enterprises were under great pressure to ship. It is comprehensively expected that the price of soda ash will mainly run weakly in the later period, depending on the downstream market demand.

In terms of LNG, according to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average domestic LNG price was 6,520 RMB/ton on August 1, and the average domestic LNG price was 6,456 RMB/ton on August 5. Domestic LNG prices fell 0.98% this week. Domestic LNG prices rose on Monday, and the bidding price of raw gas increased, which gave favorable support to LNG. Domestic LNG prices rose due to rising costs. Domestic LNG prices started falling on Tuesday and continued into Friday. Due to the continuous rise of LNG, there was resistance in the downstream, and the demand side was greatly reduced, and the price of LNG began to fall. Bearish sentiment increased, most LNG plants cut prices for shipments.

Market outlook

According to the expectations of SunSirs, the overall transaction of the glass spot market has improved this week. The increase in glass prices in some regions has boosted the enthusiasm of traders and downstream processing enterprises to replenish supplies and boosted market confidence. It is expected that the glass spot market will run steadily and well in the short term.

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