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SunSirs: Since December, Cotton Market in China has Maintained a High and Fluctuating Trend
December 22 2021 08:48:43SunSirs(Linda)

Price: On the 21st, the price of 3128B lint was 22042 yuan/ton, down 3.66% from the previous month.

Analysis: On the 21st, the average price of domestic cotton index 3128B grade was 21,921 yuan/ton, down 47 yuan/ton from the previous day. Since December, cotton has maintained a high and fluctuating downward trend, down 1.48% from the beginning of the month. In November, 100,000 tons of cotton were imported, a month-on-month increase of 40,000 tons and a year-on-year decrease of 100,000 tons. The current domestic epidemic is repeated, the prospects for the recovery of cotton consumption are uncertain, and the overall supply is relatively loose. Downstream cotton yarn inventories continue to climb, the replenishment volume of weaving companies is lower than last year, and the cotton yarn market continues to run weakly. Many downstream textile companies have more than one month's inventory, so the demand for early holidays is strong, and a few companies have seen reductions and shutdowns.

Forecast: As the year is approaching, cotton enterprises are becoming more enthusiastic about selling cotton, but the downstream cotton demand will hardly change in a short time. It is expected that the short-term cotton market will maintain a high and volatile operation.

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