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SunSirs: Corn Prices Fell, Corn Starch Prices Fell Slightly
November 18 2021 08:18:31SunSirs(Linda)

At the beginning of November, the domestic large-scale cooling and snowfall helped the price of corn continue to rise, and the price of starch rose sharply at any time. With the gradual elimination of the impact of snowfall, farmers' willingness to sell grain in production areas increased slightly, and the number of corn arrivals from manufacturers gradually increased. Ports and deep processing manufacturers once again lowered the purchase price of corn, and the domestic corn market price fell slightly. The supply of corn in the corn market has become loose again, and the wait-and-see attitude of downstream trading entities has increased. Under the dual suppression of cost and demand, the price of starch has been reduced slightly. On November 17, the average price fell to 3,723.33 yuan/ton, down 1.678% from last Friday (November 12).

After the weather improves, the domestic corn market supply continues to increase, and the corn price continues to fall under pressure. Under the pressure of cost, it is expected that the domestic corn starch market price will still have a certain amount of room to fall in the short term.

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