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SunSirs: Supply is Tight, China ABS is Expected to Rise in early September
September 07 2021 15:30:36SunSirs(Selena)

According to the bulk list data of SunSirs, the domestic ABS market was upward in early September, and the spot price rose slightly. As of September 3, the average price of mainstream offer of general-purpose ABS was about 18,150 RMB/ ton, an increase of 0.69% over the average price at the beginning of the week and 21.81% over the same period last year.

Industrial chain: the recent decline in international oil prices has warmed up, and pure benzene has shown a steady rise. The cost support of styrene was greatly affected by its direct raw material pure benzene, and the spot price was pushed up. However, there is little demand follow-up, the market resistance point is clear, and the industry has a bearish attitude towards the future market.

The price of acrylonitrile was strong last week. Previously, the maintenance output has recently restarted, the market supply has rebounded, the positive effect on the supply side has weakened, and the actual orders of traders have decreased secretly.

Last week, the domestic butadiene market continued to be weak. The contradiction between supply and demand on the floor increased, the spot price pressure was large, and the support for ABS was weakened.

The upstream market fluctuated, and the cost side support of ABS was hard to say. The operating rate of the industry was almost full last month. Recently, the maintenance and parking plans of some enterprises were announced, and the on-site supply is expected to tighten. It is expected that the good supply side will gradually release the good spot price this week. At the same time, the traditional peak season is at hand, and there are goods preparation expectations in the downstream. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, users have a strong resistance to high price sources, and there is no large number of goods preparation operations.

SunSirs analysts believe that the spot market of ABS was strong in early September, and the trend of the three upstream materials fluctuated, which generally contributed less to ABS. The industry load is expected to decline at a high level. At present, in the traditional peak season, the demand volume expectation is superimposed on the good of the tightening of the supply side. Although there are few on-site transactions and the mentality is contradictory, the ABS is good and stable. It is expected that China ABS spot market may be easy to rise and difficult to fall in the near future.


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